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The Rugby League World Cup doesn't appear to get anything like the coverage of the Rugby World Cup (which is the game of Rugby Union). It's a shame really because if people spent a bit of time to get into Rugby League what they'd find is a sport that is even more dynamic that Rugby Union. With so little to be gained by kicking the ball it's a game of fast running, heavy impacts and deft passing moves. A far different game to that of international Rugby Union which I guess is what most people think off as "rugby". The Rugby League World Cup is the top trophy in the sport of Rugby League, the tournament takes place every 4 years with the top teams from all over the world getting together to plough into each other at full speed!

In the entire history of the Rugby League World Cup (going back to 1954) only 2 teams have ever won it. Australia winning it 9 times and Great Britain winning it 3 times. It's strange that New Zealand being so dominant in the other rugby code have never managed to win the world cup in the League discipline. This years tournament in Australia starts on Saturday the 25th of October with the final to be played on Saturday the 22nd of November. Between these dates teams from Australia, New Zealand, England, Papa New Guinea, France, Fiji, Scotland, Tonga, Ireland and Somoa will be fighting it out.

More and more people are stwiching on to Rugby League. Television audiences in the UK for the Super League are up year on year. Even if you don't enjoy Union you might enjoy League. It's a much quicker game and lots of people would argue that it's better suited for TV. Run after run and big hit after big hit! This years Rugby League World Cup will be the biggest ever and there will be extensive online coverage of all the games. The internet will be the place to be for watching live world cup games. Audiences in Asia and the Pacific islands will be tuning in online in their droves! The schedules page will have details of what live Rugby League World Cup games are showing on what channel and using what technology. It's going to be a great tournament and I can't wait!

Rugby League World Cup Teams

Pool 1
New Zealand
Papa New Guinae
Pool 2
Pool 3

Rugby League World Cup 2008 Fixtures

Sat, 25 Oct 08 England - Papa New Guinae
Sun, 26 Oct 08 Scotland v France
Sun, 26 Oct 08 Australia v New Zealand
Mon, 27 Oct 08 Tonga v Ireland
Fri, 31 Oct 08 Samoa v Tonga
Sat, 1 Nov 08 Fiji v France
Sat, 1 Nov 08 New Zealand v Papa New Guinae
Sun, 2 Nov 08 Australia v England
Wed, 5 Nov 08 Scotland v Fiji
Wed, 5 Nov 08 Ireland v Samoa
Sat, 8 Nov 08 Pool (2-2) v (3-2)
Sat, 8 Nov 08 England v New Zealand
Sun, 9 Nov 08 Pool (2-3) v (3-3)
Sun, 9 Nov 08 Papa New Guinae v Australia
Mon, 10 Nov 08 Semi-final Qualifier Pool (1-2) v (1-3)
Sat, 15 Nov 08 Semi Final (1)
Sun, 16 Nov 08 Semi Final (2)
Sat, 22 Nov 08 FINAL


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