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The Europa League is an annual club football competition organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) for the second tier of football clubs in Europe, there are several ways of being entered in to the Europa League including not finishing high enough in a domestic league to qualify for the Champions League, failing in the Champions League preliminary rounds or finishing 3rd in a Champions League group. However it is still classed as a major club trophy to win with some of the biggest teams in Europe being proud of their record in the second tier of European club competition. One thing of real note is the way in which the league has expanded over recent times as the sports governing bodies thing of more ways of squeezing TV cash out of the hands of subscribers and in to clubs. Whilst Thursday night football is not what most teams aspire to the extra money plus the chance of winning a major club trophy is always worth going for.

Whilst it is possible to watch the Europa League over the internet in certain parts of the UK with BT Sports now having exclusive rights to all Europa League it is going to be far from cheap unless you live in an area with access to BT Broadband. The rest are stuck with paying for the double wammy of a Sky plus BT sports package. Depending on where else you live in the world you will have much better online access to the Europa League with many places showing the games for free. In fact even in the rest of Europe the access is much better than that offered in the UK.

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