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The Isle of Man is a sleepy little picturesque island almost slap bang in the middle of the Irish Sea. Whilst a part of the British Isles it is not a part of the United Kingdom enjoying the ability to set its own laws via Tynwald (which happens to be one of the worlds oldest continuous parliaments). However for 2 weeks every May/June the island transforms itself in to a mecca for motorcycle riders. The islands annual TT races are regarded far and wide as the greatest challenge for anybody on 2 wheels. The 37 and three quarter mile long mountain course is one of if not the most dangerous race track in the world, comprising of over 200 turns, for the majority of the year this course is open public roads, used by the islands population to get from A to B. As you'd expect this comes complete with all the usual road furniture including traffic signs, massive differences in surface quality to wildlife popping out of hedges. Talking of which the TT gives a fantastic opportunity for race fans to get close to the action, just check out some of the pictures below! It also means that run off areas are limited and whilst advances in safety have improved the safety you can't hide the fact that an "off" at the TT races has the potential to be very serious, you have to be lucky to get away with it. The bravery on show here is something to behold, especially when you consider that not only is the Mountain Course extremely long it is also extremely fast, the top riders on the 1000cc machines will be looking to complete a lap in around 17 minutes or if you prefer at an AVERAGE speed of over 132MPH. I can assure you that no amount of onboard footage, Youtube clips or pictures from the hedge can prepare you for the sheer speed and skill on show, it will blow you away and every bike fan owes it to themselves to check out the racing first hand at least once in their lives.

How Can I Follow The TT Online?

The races are currently not broadcast live. Whether they ever will be or not is up for debate, the fact the races are run in a time trial format, the sheer length of the course, danger involved and variable weather the Isle of Man experiences would make it a logistical nightmare. However you can follow all the action from the Isle of Man TT races live online via the TT Live website which provides up to the second updates from the various timing sectors around the course. When you combine this with the Manx Radio TT commentary (you need to experience this to believe it!) you'll not miss any of the action. Also because of the massive leaps and bounds in the popularity of social media there are usually numerous live streams of the TT that pop up at various times during the racing. Periscope is very popular and it is very easy to find streams simply by zooming in on the Isle of Man during race times. More information on this and the other various live cams and feeds around the island can be found by following the link. Finally in the UK during the 2 week period of the TT ITV4 provide nightly programmes catching up on the days action compressed in to an hour of top notch TV available both through a normal TV and streamed online. For a lot of fans not on the island this is there preferred way of following what is going on although you will need a UK IP address to take advantage of it.

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