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SOPCast has become the number 1 software of choice for people looking to watch live football online. A combination of ease of use, thousands of channels and consistently stable streaming has jumped SOPCast right to the top of the list. SOPCasts technology makes it very easy to share your stream over a network so for example in a work environment it would be very easy for a number of people to share a live sports stream from only one PC doing the downloading.

With thousands of channels readily available SOPCast has also become a firm favourite for fans of other sports as well as people wanting to watch all other types of content online including regular TV and movies.

SOPCast is available for download from here:-

Download SOPCast

As with all P2P software, the actual downloading of the software is straight forward. The problem arises when it comes to finding comprehensive channel listings. You can try the official SOPCast channel listings from their website here. If that doesn't help then their are various websites out there that offer channel listings and match details.

Todays Matches

Norwich vs Chelsea

Derby vs West Brom

More Streaming Software

There are a number of alternatives to SOPCast who may have different channels available:-

TVAnts - One of the very first live streaming TV programs, still has a huge following.
PPStream - The best quality sports streams of them all, possibly?
TVUPlayer - The easiest way of watching live football online by far
PPLive Streaming - Not really used anymore, but who knows what the future holds?
Coolstreaming - The Grandad of live streaming software

Please Note - The software above allows you to view hundreds if not thousands of live streams, some of which contain live football and other live sports. All video streams remain the copyright of their respective stations, as the legal right to watch various streams (channels) varies from place to place it's up to you to satisfy yourself that what you choose to watch is legal content in your country. The choice to use this software and the streams you access is your responsibility.


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