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Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur Live



Manchester City vs Spurs - Live

Manchester City vs Tottenham Live

Not exactly one of the classic big battles in Premier League football but this year is a little different, why? Because both Manchester City and Spurs are fighting it out for the much coveted 4th place in the league and the chance to qualify for the Champions League that comes with it. Tottenham having got a taste for it last year will be desperate to get back into the big time for the 2011/2012 season. Manchester City narrowly missed out last year and will be even more desperate for that success this year. Anything less than 4th would really have to be seen as a major disappointment considering the amount of money Man City have splashed around the transfer market in recent times and it is indeed them that holds pole position at the moment, 6 points ahead of Spurs. In fact if Tottenham don’t win tonight they’ll stay behind Liverpool which would come across to many fans as unfair considering the great football Tottenham have played this season.

Manchester City have an FA Cup final to play this weekend but I don’t think that will distract them too much from the job in hand whilst a Spurs team without the injured Gareth Bale will be desperate to get some reward from a season that many would agree has seen them make major progress. City will be strong favourites to take 4th place in the league but comes out on top in this game is anybody’s guess. My opinion for what it’s worth is that Spurs might just edge it. But then again I’m usually about as good at predicting these things as Mancini, the man who only last week declared that Manchester United would win nothing this season.

Make no mistakes Manchester City vs Tottenham this time around is a very game and there will be millions of people looking to watch it live. Like all big Premier League games they’ll be numerous places to watch Man City vs Tottenham live online. Check out the schedules page for more information.


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