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Manchester City vs Manchester United Live



Manchester City vs Manchester United - Live

Manchester City vs Manchester United Live

Manchester City and Manchester United, they really don’t like each other you know. There are some derby games in English football that gather families and friends together and friendly rivalry ensues. The Merseyside derby for example is world famous in the way that it splits families. Members of the same family sat next to each other is rival shirts. The Manchester derby doesn’t tend to work out like that! There aren’t too many families that have supporters of both Man Utd and Man City in them, it’s just not that type of rivalry. The main ammunition for Manchester City fans is that all of Manchester United’s supporters don’t live in Manchester (which of course is utter bollocks but why let the truth get in the way of god old fashioned hatred!) On the other hand the fans of Man Utd love to tease City supporters over their record of winning….well not much really. With the finances of Manchester United always in question and City’s unmatched buying power it’s a rivalry that is sure to get more intense over the coming years as the blue half catch up on the red half. Last years results haven’t exactly done anything to ease relations either what with Man Utd winning a couple of games with last minute winners. City will definitely be out for blood this season, reflected in the 6-1 demolition of United at Old Trafford.

As far as the current form goes it’s a bit of a mixed bag for both teams. Man Utd have thrown away what should have been a title winning 8 point gap at the top of the table, in truth returning the facour their City rivals have done for them since December. You might as well flip a coin as to decide who is in the better form, both teams seem determined to splutter over the line at the end of the season.

This final meeting of the teams this season should be a cracker, "a little bit spicy" and more likely than not the title decider. Kick off is at 8 o’clock tonight UK time (Monday 30th April) and with City being at home they’ll really want to destroy United, with goal difference in Man Citys favour it "should" be enough to give them their first ever Premier League title. Naturally this is an automatic “going to the pub” match for me but as usual there will be plenty of ways of watching a game as big as this one. The internet is literally stuffed with pages advertising live viewing of the Man City vs Man Utd. I’m working on having somebody update our Twitter feed with updates every few minutes so if you do get stuck out and about you can always follow that to find out what’s going on (Though be warned, my mate is a City fan and ever so slightly biased). If I can’t convince him then the BBC, Yahoo and various others will also be doing regular updates, although obviously nowhere near as funny as ours!

Twitter Feed From The Second Leg Of The Carling Cup Between Manchester United and Manchester City 27-Jan-2010 (Click To Show)

# Feb 28th is the Carling Cup Final - Villa vs Man United. Two brilliant semi finals that had everything that is good about the English game

# Tevez congratulates a couple of his former team mates in a nice sporting gesture. Great end to the game for the neutral. That's all.

# Full time. 3-1 to the red half of Manchester and a place in the Carling Cup Final. Well deserved as well.

# Tevez looks a little green around the gills. Big smiles from Fergie - 30 seconds to go.

# GOAL - Rooney 3-1 Short corner frees Rooney in the 6 yard box who gets a free header. Cart-wheels and surely United are through?

# brilliant save by Given. But...

# That's 90 minutes, just a case of playing 3 minutes time added on. United corner. Second ball comes in falls to Fletcher...

# Valencia replaces Nani who has had a decent game for United. Valencia always looks so serious!

# Brief spell of school boy football as the ball is punted from one end to the other.

# Ferdinand does brilliantly to deny Tevez. City are really going for it here.

# Adebayor misses a free header. Game has gone a little bitty again, same as the end of the first half. Maybe the first sign of nerves.

# United fans urge Scholes to shoot, opts to give the ball to Fletcher who fluffs the shot HW&H

# Evra deserves credit tonight, tireless up and down the left side again.

# That's better by City, a bit of pressure and United scrambling to clear their own box.

# City restricted to quick breaks at the moment. Berbatov seems a dead cert to make an appearance.

# United are still looking for Nani at every opportunity. Another miss for United, this Carrick drags his shot wide from 8 yards

# United pressures ends with a spooned cross by Brown. Replay shows just how easy the Rooney chance earlier was.

# Bellamy swings a leg at Evans, usually a booking but not tonight. The ref is doing well.

# GOAL - Tevez. 2-1 to Man Utd. Great ball in gets a flick that finds the bottom corner. Old Trafford falls silent.

# Giggs gets the freekick horribly wrong. Mancini is looking worried.

# United are all over City now. Free kick on the edge of the City box, first of all Brown to replace Rafael. United shutting up shop?

# Possibly the easiest chance Wayne Rooney will ever have.

# Rooney misses a sitter. How? I have no idea.

# Adebayor comes on for Wright-Philps. City have 18 minutes to save this.

# GOAL - Carrick 2-0 Man Utd. Fletcher does very well in the box to setup Carrick on a plate. Finish is as cool as you like into corner.

# Tackles flying in. Fletcher and Richards go at it, all handbags. No bookings. United free kick gets play going again.

# Bellamy left foot shot is about as good as his right foot shot earlier, he does look the most likely for City in the second half though.

# Tevez has blood on his shirt, dunno how. City work a good free kick and earn a corner.

# Nani gets booked for..well..nothing really. A slight tug if anything. City go froward and Wright-Philips falls over again. Barry to take.

# Ireland replaces Garrido.

# Looks like Ireland is getting ready to come on for City. No clues as to who will go off at the moment. Nani is seeing a lot of the ball.

# Almost, Boyeta turns over his own goal from 1 yard out to deny Rooney.

# Game is much better than the first half, much more pace about it.

# City break again. Easy cross for Van Der Sar take. Catalog of mistakes finally finds the ball at Nanis feet again.

# Bellamy does well to keep the ball in, good run but shocking shot. Almost like earlier in the season, just without the finish.

# The red tide is beginning to flow in this game now. Eventually the play breaks down and Given has the ball. United well on top.

# Nani does really well again pinned in the corner. Shot by Fletcher hits one of his own players.

# A Bellamy run earns City a corner. Blatant hand ball by Richards eases the pressure on United.

# Scholes has come to life, spreading the ball right and left. How will City respond?

# Against the run of play in the second half but there's no doubting the quality of the break.

# GOAL - Scholes. 1-0 to United. Great break from Rooney and Giggs. Ball eventually falls to Scholes, wallop.

# After a brief trip down the other end it's another corner to City. Somebody throws a coin at Bellamy, hits him in the head.

# Tevez dives in on Rafael , slightly high and picks up the second yellow card of the game. Chants of Judes by the United fans.

# Seconds half kicks off. Early chance for City, shot from Richards is saved well by Van Der Sar. Corner to City.

# Pundits think Rooney is looking isolated up front. I think he's done well, looks dangerous all the time and United want the ball to him ASAP

# Half time. First half faded away towards the end with constant free kicks. No clear cut opportunities, second half is bound to be better.

# Last minute fo the first half. City look comfortable, have obvioulsy come with a game plan and are sticking to it.

# Spoke too soon. Ref is now starting to join in, Fletcher gets penalised for breathing too close to Barry.

# Game has gone to bits. Free kick after free kick. Not the refs fault, players niggling at each other.

# Rafael slides in on Bellamy who just gets out of the way. Another talking to by the ref who is doing very well in this game.

# Barry falls over and screams. Really, a proper girls scream! Why do they do it to themselves? Men, it's supposed to be a mans game..

# United free kick just outside the City box. Great ball. Well cleared by City. United seem to be getting some joy wide, Nani 2 good games

# Oops. Typical Paul Scholes challenge brings the first yellow card - straight in from behind - no arguments

# Tevez run ragged by Uniteds triangles. Even Tevez gives up for a minute.

# Great move by United. First chance doesn't run for Rooney, Carrick does well and Given makes a good save. No idea who is going to score

# Rafael is the latest player to throw himself to the ground. This is becoming the Rooney vs Tevez show...Giggs shot saved and held well.

# Tevez diving header saved well by Van Der Sar right in the corner. City really finding their feet now

# There's a replay of the Tevez chance from earlier, looks like Ferdinand might have caught him. Barry decides he's playing basketball

# Surprise surprise, he's up and fine 20 seconds later. Rooney gets a talking to by the ref.

# Wright Philips tries to run Evans. Fail. Game is very open...Rooney catches a city girl who roles around like he's been shot

# Great run by Tevez, no shot at the end. City are coming into this more and more.

# Chance for Bellamy. Heads straight into Van Der Sars hands though.

# into Ferdinand. United fans not happy with Tevez. He jumps up and seems fine now.

# Ferdinand gets a flick 3 yards out but goes wide. City go down the other end, Tevez throws himself to the ground like a girl after running

# United chance just gets cleared of Rooneys head for another United corner. (5 so far) Cleared to Evra who shoots - another corner

# Ferdinand sloppy on the ball AGAIN. City punt it forward but it's out for a goal kick.

# United clear early to Rooney again who fails to find Giggs in what could have been a good break.

# City push forward. Barry earns a corner of Rafael.

# United free kick. Cleared by City to Scholes who hits a thunderbolt....just over the bar.

# United are releasing Rooney at every opportunity. He's causuing City all sorts of problems at the moment.

# United pressuring City all over the pitch. City throwing themselves to the ground a lot.

# Very fast start to this game. United are having most of the ball but City look comfortable so far (10 mins )

# Early ball for Rooney again, good shot but in to Givens chest.

# Free kick to City just inside United half.Barry makes a mess of it. Nani leaves a foot in and gets a lecture from the ref

# Third corner to United within the first few minutes, played short. Ball in finds Fletcher who 50ps it well wide

# United get their first corner. Rubbish. Scholes pass to Evra and United have a second corner.

# United clear but ball comes straight back from City. First sign of a long ball from United for Rooney to chase after. Quick start

# First corner goes to city, Bellamy tormenting the young united righ back

# Fergie wanted a united United tonight, so far the fans are playing ball - no anti Glazer chanting so far - Game kicks off

# City play the same 11 as at Eastlands. United make a couple of changes - no Valencia. Tevez looks very wound up for this!

# Ferdinand denies charge - United take a risk on getting a longer ban in order for Ferdinand to play in tonights game


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