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Liverpool vs Manchester City - Live On The Internet

So it's not as big a game as Manchester United vs Liverpool but in terms of 2 cities hating each other then Manchester City and Liverpool isn't that far behind! Man City and Liverpool fans although sharing a hatred of United have also been averse to each other for a long time. Perhaps it's a rivalry that has never really boiled over as Liverpool have never really seen City as that big a challenge to their status in English football. With all the money pouring into City and with Liverpool struggling that may be about to change?

This season both teams have gone in opposite directions. Manchester City reinforced with plenty of new blood and Middle East billions have only lost 1 game and despite far too may draws are currently 6th in the table, 1 place above Liverpool and still with a game in hand. At the same time Liverpool in 7th have followed up last seasons close 2nd place in the Premier League by already losing 5 games and being on the bring of being knocked out of the Champions League. For a club up to its neck in debt things are really not looking that great for Liverpool, but it's the little things that can make all the difference. If Liverpool can beat Manchester City this weekend at Anfield then maybe it will be the kick-start their season needs (although the cynics may ask that wasn't that what was supposed to happen after the win against Manchester United?) If nothing else a Liverpool victory will at least put them above City in the league, on the other hand a Man City win will put them 4 points clear of Liverpool still with a game in hand, I'm sure Mark Hughes would have taken that at the start of the season. So it's a lunch time kick-off this weekend at Anfield that sees 6th play 7th in the Premier League as Liverpool play Manchester City. With Christmas Shopping starting it could be the perfect time to make your excuses and find a pub showing the game. On the other hand if you're stuck somewhere without TV access then there will be loads of online interest in showing this game live.

You can click here to see a current sporting schedule, details of what channels and software will be showing the Man City, Liverpool game will be shown on and around the 21st of November.


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