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World Cup 2010 South Africa - Live Online

Stop your grinning and drop your linen, it's finally here. After what seems like an age since the 2006 World Cup in Germany those 4 years have passed and now it is time for the 2010 World Cup, hosted by South Africa. This will be the largest sporting event of 2010 without a doubt and one that South Africa hopes will go down in history as one of the best world cups of all time. The SA government want this World Cup to emulate what the Rugby World Cup did all that time ago when the black population of South Africa threw themselves behind the mainly white dominated Rugby Union team. Hopefully for the hosts white South Africans will chuck themselves into supporting what is seen as a mainly black sport. None of us want to see empty stadiums and with all the effort going into the infrastructure we all wish South Africa the very best for a stunning world cup.

Enough of the politics, what about the football? If you can remember all the way back to 2006 what was noticable was the lack of attacking football in that World Cup. Teams seemed unwilling to take risks and go for the win, group stage free flowing football was quickly turned into dull stalemates in the knockout stages resulting in the dullest world cup I can remember. This can't happen again can it? If I was a betting man I'd have money on saying NO! There has never been a World Cup with so much hype surrounding it, never a World Cup with so many possible match winners in each team, never a World Cup with so many teams capable of winning it. Who knows, even England might do something a bit special?

The global interest in the World Cup speaks for itself, live coverage will be available just about anywhere in the World. Viewing figures for the football world cup blow away every other sporting event. Just the World Cup final itself attracts viewing figures of around 250 million people, or to put it another way around 2 and a half times any other sporting event (You can keep your Superbowl). TV coverage will be extensive with HD viewing being widely available. What was brand new technology in 2006 is now very much main stream to the benefit of all football fans. What has also come along way is the availability of online world cup streams, in the UK the BBC and ITV who are sharing coverage will be showing every game they cover live online (You can find the BBC world cup coverage here and the ITV world cup coverage here). There will be that many ways of watching the world cup live online that nobody should miss out on any game they want to watch. The only question will your boss let you watch the World Cup live online?

World Cup 2010 Schedule

June 11 15:00 - South Africa vs Mexico*
June 11 19:30 - Uruguay vs France*
June 12 12:30 - South Korea vs Greece
June 12 15:00 - Argentina vs Nigeria
June 12 19:30 - England vs United States
June 13 12:30 - Algeria vs Slovenia
June 13 15:00 - Serbia vs Ghana
June 13 19:30 - Germany vs Australia
June 14 12:30 - Netherlands vs Denmark*
June 14 15:00 - Japan vs Cameroon
June 14 19:30 - Italy vs Paraguay*
June 15 12:30 - New Zealand vs Slovakia
June 15 15:00 - Ivory Coast vs Portugal
June 15 19:30 - Brazil vs North Korea
June 16 12:30 - Honduras vs Chile
June 16 15:00 - Spain vs Switzerland
June 16 19:30 - South Africa vs Uruguay
June 17 12:30 - Argentina vs South Korea
June 17 15:00 - Greece vs Nigeria
June 17 19:30 - France vs Mexico*
June 18 12:30 - Germany vs Serbia
June 18 15:00 - Slovenia vs United States
June 18 19:30 - England vs Algeria
June 19 12:30 - Netherlands vs Japan
June 19 15:00 - Ghana vs Australia
June 19 19:30 - Cameroon vs Denmark
June 20 12:30 - Slovakia vs Paraguay
June 20 15:00 - Italy vs New Zealand
June 20 19:30 - Brazil vs Ivory Coast*
June 21 12:30 - Portugal vs North Korea
June 21 15:00 - Chile vs Switzerland
June 21 19:30 - Spain vs Honduras
June 22 15:00 - Mexico vs Uruguay
June 22 15:00 - France vs South Africa*
June 22 19:30 - Nigeria vs South Korea
June 22 19:30 - Greece vs Argentina
June 23 15:00 - Slovenia vs England
June 23 15:00 - United States vs Algeria
June 23 19:30 - Ghana vs Germany
June 23 19:30 - Australia vs Serbia
June 24 15:00 - Slovakia vs Italy
June 24 15:00 - Paraguay vs New Zealand
June 24 19:30 - Denmark vs Japan
June 24 19:30 - Cameroon vs Netherlands
June 25 15:00 - North Korea vs Ivory Coast
June 25 15:00 - Portugal vs Brazil*
June 25 19:30 - Switzerland vs Honduras
June 25 19:30 - Chile vs Spain June 26 15:00 - 1st in Group A vs 2nd in Group B
June 26 19:30 - 1st in Group C vs 2nd in Group D
June 27 15:00 - 1st in Group D vs 2nd in Group C
June 27 19:30 - 1st in Group B vs 2nd in Group A
June 28 15:00 - 1st in Group E vs 2nd in Group F
June 28 19:30 - 1st in Group G vs 2nd in Group H
June 29 15:00 - 1st in Group F vs 2nd in Group E
June 29 19:30 - 1st in Group H vs 2nd in Group G
July 2 15:00 - Quarter Final 1
July 2 19:30 - Quarter Final 2
July 3 15:00 - Quarter Final 3
July 3 19:30 - Quarter Final 4
July 6 19:30 - Semi Final 1 (Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1)
July 7 19:30 - Semi Final 2 (Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4)
July 10 19:30 - Third Place Play Off
July 11 19:30 - World Cup Final

* Stand out World Cup games that are well worth a watch even for the neutral.


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