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Live Horse Racing From Goodwood

The Goodwood Course

The Goodwood Track is almost 2 courses in one. A straight that is just short of 6 furlongs is attached to a right handed figure of 8 course. You can find the course a couple of miles north of Chichester.

The Glorious Goodwood Festival

Hosted in what is claimed to be ?the world?s most beautiful racecourse?, the event will be sure to deliver five days of high-quality racing. Goodwood has long been respected as THE summer racing event, make sure you don't miss any of the races, no matter where you are, by watching all the action live online.

The History Of Goodwood

The Glorious Goodwood festival has been taking place annually for more than 200 years. The prestigious quality of the live horse racing has continued to entice people to be a part of it. The plans for the event take place all year long. Every effort is put into place to help ensure that the best results will occur. People continue to rave about the handling of the event and there are always new additions that make it exciting rather than predictable.

Why It Is So Popular

The thrill of some of the fastest and best known horses on the racetrack is part of what makes this festival so popular. It is considered to be the horse racing sport and social event of the summer in the UK, and people don?t want to be left out of the fun. Many women plan all year long what they will wear to this event as it is one that calls for elegance and fashion at its finest. The race course is very complex and unique, and that also makes this festival very popular. The only downfall with the location is that at times, it can be very foggy during racing. Not only does that make it a challenge on the course, but also for the spectators to get a good view of what is taking place. The staff at this race track are very professional and they can help with anything that spectators may need.

A Day At Goodwood

Try to make your reservations for lodging and transportation as soon as you can. The Glorious Goodwood festival will attract a large number of people. Many of them come every single year so if you wait until the last minute, it can be hard to find a hotel that you want. The events are full of excitement including flowers, parades, delicious food, social events, and dancing at night. There is a good chance that you may get a glimpse of some famous people at the Glorious Goodwood festival too. There are plenty of bars at the track as well as areas that are family friendly. It is a good idea to think about what perks you want before you buy your tickets. The hardest seating area for tickets are those that have the best view of the finish line.

Today's Race Schedule From Goodwood

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Pictures Shared From Around The Goodwood Race Course


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