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European Championships - Euro 2016 Live On The Internet

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The European Championships competition is actually widely regarded as the second biggest international football tournament in the world, only coming behind the World Cup in terms of importance. Euro 2016 will be held in France during the months of June and July. The last time France hosted a major football tournament they won the World Cup! Amongst the teams expected to do well this year include Portugal, Germany (the current world champions), France as hosts and Spain (the current European Champions). Spain perhaps more than anybody will be looking to put an extrememly poor defence of their World Cup behind them. Of course the Italians will put in a strong challenge as well. In something relatively strange for the usually over hyped English team not much of them is expected in 2016, although how those expectations change during the tournament itself will be interesting to see. If one thing is true though it's that the European Championships is capable of being won by an underdog, much more so than the World Cup. Both Denmark and Greece have cause massive upsets in recent times and their is nothing to say we won't get another one in 2016.

The 2016 European Championship finals kick-off on Friday the 10th of June with hosts France playing Romania, with the final due to be played just over 4 weeks later on Sunday the 10th of July in Paris. There is huge interest in European national football as many of the biggest players in the world will be playing in this tournament, Ronaldo, Torres plus many of the Premierships other biggest stars will be here. As well as those that have already made it at domestic level there are also sure to be many players who use this stage to further their domestic careers. Anybody remember Karel Paborsky and his famous lob? Being such a hugely popular competition the TV coverage will be extensive. In the UK both the BBC and ITV have rights to show games and both will be providing free online access to everybody in the UK. It won't be hard at all to follow and your favourite team and enjoy all the Euro 2016 football online. For a full list of what Euro Championship game is showing on what channel please check out the daily schedule link on the Schedules page. Details will be posted as and when they become available as the European Championships progress.

European Championships Groups

Group A - France, Switzerland, Albania, Romania
Group B - Wales, England, Russia, Slovakia
Group C - Germany, Poland, Northern Ireland, Ukraine
Group D - Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey
Group E - Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Sweden
Group F - Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Portugal

Euro 2016 Schedule - Group Games

Fri 10th Jun - 20:00 France vs Romania (Live On ITV)
Sat 11th Jun - 14:00 Albania vs Switzerland (Live On ITV)
Sat 11th Jun - 17:00 Wales vs Slovakia (Live On BBC)
Sat 11th Jun - 20:00 England vs Russia (Live On ITV)
Sun 12th Jun - 17:00 Poland vs Northern Ireland (Live On BBC)
Sun 12th Jun - 20:00 Germany vs Ukraine (Live On BBC)
Mon 13th Jun - 14:00 Spain vs Czech Rep (Live On ITV)
Mon 13th Jun - 17:00 Ireland vs Sweden (Live On BBC)
Mon 13th Jun - 20:00 Belgium vs Italy (Live On BBC)
Tue 14th Jun - 17:00 Austria vs Hungary (Live On ITV)
Tue 14th Jun - 20:00 Portugal vs Iceland (Live On BBC)
Wed 15th Jun - 14:00 Russia vs Slovakia (Live On BBC)
Wed 15th Jun - 17:00 Romania vs Switzerland (Live On ITV)
Wed 15th Jun - 20:00 France vs Albania (Live On ITV)
Thu 16th Jun - 14:00 England vs Wales (Live On BBC)
Thu 16th Jun - 17:00 Ukraine vs Northern Ireland (Live On ITV)
Thu 16th Jun - 20:00 Germany vs Poland (Live On ITV)
Fri 17th Jun - 14:00 Italy vs Sweden (Live On ITV)
Fri 17th Jun - 17:00 Czech Rep vs Croatia (Live On BBC)
Fri 17th Jun - 20:00 Spain vs Turkey (Live On ITV)
Sat 18th Jun - 14:00 Belgium vs Ireland (Live On ITV)
Sat 18th Jun - 17:00 Iceland vs Hungary (Live On BBC)
Sat 18th Jun - 20:00 Portugal vs Austria (Live On BBC)
Sun 19th Jun - 20:00 Romania vs Albania (Live On BBC)
Sun 19th Jun - 20:00 Switzerland vs France (Live On BBC)
Mon 20th Jun - 20:00 Romania vs Albania (Live On ITV)
Mon 20th Jun - 20:00 Slovakia vs England (Live On ITV)
Tue 21st Jun - 17:00 Ukraine vs Poland (Live On BBC)
Tue 21st Jun - 17:00 Northern Ireland vs Germany (Live On BBC)
Tue 21st Jun - 20:00 Czech Rep vs Turkey (Live On ITV)
Tue 21st Jun - 20:00 Croatia vs Spain (Live On ITV)
Wed 22nd Jun - 17:00 Iceland vs Austria (Live On BBC)
Wed 22nd Jun - 17:00 Hungary vs Portugal (Live On BBC)
Wed 22nd Jun - 20:00 Italy vs Ireland (Live On ITV)
Wed 22nd Jun - 20:00 Sweden vs Belgium (Live On ITV)

Sat 25th Jun - 14:00 Switzerland vs Poland (Live On BBC)
Sat 25th Jun - 17:00 Wales vs Northern Ireland (Live On BBC)
Sat 25th Jun - 20:00 Croatia vs Portugal (Live On ITV)
Sun 26th Jun - 20:00 France vs Ireland (Live On ITV)
Sun 26th Jun - 17:00 Germany vs Slovakia (Live On ITV)
Sun 26th Jun - 20:00 Hungary vs Belgium (Live On BBC)
Mon 27th Jun - 17:00 Italy vs Spain (Live On BBC)
Mon 27th Jun - 20:00 England vs Iceland (Live On ITV)

Thu 30th Jun - 20:00 Poland vs Portugal (Live On ITV)
Fri 01st Jul - 20:00 Wales vs Belgium (Live On BBC)
Sat 02nd Jul - 20:00 Germany vs Italy (Live On BBC)
Sun 03rd Jul - 20:00 France vs Iceland (Live On ITV)

Wed 06th Jul - 20:00 Wales vs Portugal (Live On ITV)
Thu 07th Jul - 20:00 Germany vs France (Live On BBC)


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