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Cricket World Cup 2007 - Watch Live On The Internet

The Cricket World Cup is the premier international tournament of men's One-day International cricket. It is organised by the sport's governing body, the International Cricket Council with preliminary qualification rounds leading up to a world cup finals tournament which is held every four years. The tournament is one of the world's largest and most viewed sporting events. It is widely regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in the sport of cricket.

This years Cricket World Cup in the Carribean is going to be the biggest yet, a total of 16 teams will be taking part. The tournament format is not that difficlut to grasp, there are 2 group stages, the first of which has all the nations split into 4 groups. Each team must play each other team in their group, seedings are used with the following cricket teams being seeded in this years Cricket World Cup:- Australia(A1), South Africa(A2), Sri Lanka(B1), India(B2), New Zealand(C1), England(C2), Pakistan(D1) and the West Indies(D2). At the end of the first group stage the top 2 teams from each group then go into the Super Eight group stage. Each nation then plays each other (except for the other team that was played in the previous group stage) with eventually the top four teams going through to the semi-finals and the winners of which going through to the final.

Being one of the most popular sporting events on TV the Cricket World Cup is bound to be covered in the area where you live, however if you don't have access to a TV you may want to watch all the action live over the internet. Several channels will be streaming the Cricket World Cup live and you'll be able to find details of what channels are showing what games by following the link to the Cricket World Cup Internet Schedule closer to when the games are being played. In the meantime why not improve your own cricket skills?

The Full Cricket World Cup 2007 Schedule

Group A, St Kitts (all start 1330 GMT)
14 Australia v Scotland
16 Netherlands v South Africa
18 Australia v Netherlands
20 Scotland v South Africa
22 Netherlands v Scotland
24 Australia v South Africa
Group B, Trinidad (all start 1330 GMT except *)
15 Bermuda v Sri Lanka
17 Bangladesh v India
19 Bermuda v India
21 Bangladesh v Sri Lanka
23 India v Sri Lanka
25 Bangladesh v Bermuda (*starts 1430 BST)
GROUP C, St Lucia (all start 1330 GMT)
14 Canada v Kenya
16 England v New Zealand
18 Canada v England
20 Kenya v New Zealand
22 Canada v New Zealand
24 England v Kenya
Group D, Jamaica (all start 1430 GMT)
13 West Indies v Pakistan
15 Ireland v Zimbabwe
17 Ireland v Pakistan
19 West Indies v Zimbabwe
21 Pakistan v Zimbabwe
23 Ireland v West Indies
Super Eight (all start 1430 BST)
27 D2 v A1, Antigua & Barbuda
28 A2 v B1, Guyana
29 D2 v C1, Antigua & Barbuda
30 D1 v C2, Guyana
31 A1 v B2, Antigua & Barbuda
1 D2 v B1, Guyana
2 B2 v C1, Antigua & Barbuda
3 D1 v A2, Guyana
4 C2 v B1, Antigua & Barbuda
7 B2 v A2, Guyana
8 A1 v C2, Antigua & Barbuda
9 D1 v C1, Guyana
10 D2 v A2, Grenada
11 C2 v B2, Barbados
12 B1 v C1, Grenada
13 A1 v D1, Barbados
14 A2 v C1, Grenada
15 B2 v D1, Barbados
16 A1 v B1, Grenada
17 A2 v C2, Barbados
18 D1 v B1, Grenada
19 D2 v B2, Barbados
20 A1 v C1, Grenada
21 D2 v C2, Barbados
24 Super Eight 2nd v 3rd, Jamaica (start 1545 BST)
25 Super Eight 1st v 4th, St Lucia (start 1445 BST)
28 Winner SF1 v Winner SF2, Barbados (start 1445 BST)


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