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Over the years there have been a number of cup tournaments that have stirred heated emotions as fans support their favorite teams. One such tournament is the Carling Cup. Whilst held in less regard than the FA Cup it's still a major trophy and one that every team would like to win. If the winner has not qualified for European Competition they will automatically be eligible for the Europa League. The Carling Cup also plays a vital role for many of the Premier League's biggest clubs in that it provides the perfect opportunity to blood younger players. The knock on effect from this can often result in more exciting games.

The League Cup has a history of taking the name of the sponsor and was first played in 1960 – 1961. What happened was during the late 1950’s the technological innovations of flood lights meant that many games could be played at night. This led to the creation of the League Cup with its automatic UEFA Cup membership making it most attractive to the Premier League clubs. As time went by the cup would become known for the memorable games that were played by the teams from the different leagues vying for the coveted prizes that it offered. Two of the most notable would include the 1974 – 1975 semi finals when Chester beat the defending champions Leads United in a 3 – 0 route. A second notable game occurred in 2007 – 2008 when Southend United was able to stack their front line with their strongest players and overwhelm Manchester United. Throughout the years the name of the cup has been constantly changing with the cup first taking on corporate sponsors name in 1981. The different sponsors over the years would include: Milk, Rumbleblows, Littlewoods, Coca Cola and Worthington.

When you look at the Carling Cup it is clear that while it has not been the most popular of all the different cups, it is known for its close games as many of the weaker teams being able to upset some of the stronger Premier League clubs. The Carling Cup could even be more important this year with the top of the Premier League being so competitive and so many teams feeling like they need to win "something". As more and more teams join the big 4 to contest the Premier League then the significance and stature of the Carling Cup will only increase.

Thanks to live streaming it is now possible to watch all your favourite Carling Cup action live. The BBC show a number of Carling Cup matches live online during the duration of the tournament, please check out the Live Sports Schedule for further details.

Carling Cup 3rd Round

Tuesday 20th September
19:45 Aldershot vs Rochdale
19:45 Arsenal vs Shrewsbury
19:45 Aston Villa vs Bolton
19:45 Burnley vs MK Dons
19:45 Leeds vs Manchester Utd
19:45 Nottm Forest vs Newcastle
19:45 Stoke City vs Tottenham
19:45 Wolves vs Millwall
20:00 Blackburn vs Leyton Orient
20:00 Crystal Palace vs Middlesbrough

Wednesday 21st September
19:45 Brighton vs Liverpool
19:45 Cardiff City vs Leicester City
19:45 Chelsea vs Fulham
19:45 Manchester City vs Birmingham
19:45 Southampton vs Preston NE
20:00 Everton vs West Brom


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