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Barcelona vs Real Madrid - Live

There are few sporting events around the world that get as much attention as the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona. These two football clubs have some of the richest tradition in all of sports. This rivalry started almost 100 years ago when the Spanish League was started and the rivalry just keeps growing. Between the two clubs, they have won 52 Spanish League Championships, 13 UEFA Champions League Titles and neither squad seems to be slowing down. It is no wonder that when these two teams meet, there is a buzz around the football community and anyone that is fortunate enough to see these to rivals play will remember that day for a very long time.

Throughout the past few season, Barcelona has had the upper hand in the rivalry. Winning both the UEFA Champions League title and the La Liga title in 2011, Barcelona owns the rivalry for at least another year. In both of these two titles, Barcelona had to go through Real Madrid in the process. Throughout the last 80 years, Real Madrid and Barcelona have gone back and forth with one team beating the other in the title match and then the next year it goes the other. This game of give and take started way back when the Spanish started playing football in 1929. Since then, Real Madrid and Barcelona have dominated the competition in the La Liga. In addition to league titles, they have also taken control of the Copa Del Rey, which is an annual game for two of the top teams in the Spanish League. Between the two of them, they have won 43 Copa Del Rey titles.

With all of the success that these clubs have shared throughout their histories, it is no wonder why the rivalry is second to none. They have some of the most memorable matches in football history including the 2011 Copa Del Rey and the 2011 Super Cup that was just awarded last week. The UEFA Champions League is considered to be the toughest trophy to obtain and last year the two teams met in the semifinals of the competition. In one of the most anticipated meetings of the whole competition, Barcelona dominated the first league at Real Madrid's home stadium the Bernabeu. Barcelona's Lionel Messi, considered by many to be the world's best player was outstanding after scoring both of the goals in the first leg. Another memorable match between the two clubs was the 2011 Copa Del Rey that also featured both Barcelona and Real Madrid. This game was also one of the greats with Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo breaking through in the 103rd minute and leading Real to a 1-0 win over their rivals.

These clubs will continue to be top 5 clubs in the world, despite the differences the clubs possess. Real manager Jose Mourinho is considered one of the best in the world after winning multiple titles with a few different teams. Despite much controversy surrounding his team, he is still one of the best and will continue to be so. He relies heavily on signing new players and playing the transfer market along with developing the Real Madrid youth squads. Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola is a straight forward and successful manager who does nothing but win. He has an eye for talent and always provides one of the best youth programs in the world.

No matter what, these two clubs along with their managers will continue to have one of the best rivalries in sports and in the world of football, this is the best rivalry there is.

Twitter Feed From Barcelona vs Real Madrid (Click To Show)

>5 minutes gone in Barcelona vs Real Madrid and this has got a real "Premiership" feel to it, loads of pace in the game but still 0-0...

>The Barca foul count must already be upto 5-6 but no clutching of the face yet, some waved arms but no real play acting :)

>Rumours that the last Real Madrid Barcelona game has even caused problems for the Spain national team? Was plenty of bad blood but...

>I wouldn't even try to keep up with Barcas passing. Enough to say they have dominated early possession with Messi seeing plenty of the ball

>Messi goes over and Carvalho gets a booking for his first foul, maybe first but cynical all the same.

>Freekick is poor, Puyol tries to power forward but goes flying, nice to see him pick himself straight up. Madrid pushing higher up.

>Ronaldo decides to play Barcelona at their own game, collapses at the slightest touch and buys a freekick. Alonso takes but is rubbish.

>Inniesta is starting to pull the strings, it's glorious to watch as he makes triangles on the edge of the Real Madrid box.

>Madrids first real attack is brought to an end by a dubious offside decision. Messi takes the ball forward and Barca now on the attack.

>Free header six yards out and Barcelona almost score from a corner. Didn't see who it was but they should have scored

>Ronaldo goes on a powerful run but loses control at the final moment and it goes out for a goal kick. No sign of Jose Mourinho at the game

>Pedro caught offside from a raking cross field ball by Xavi. This game has got so much pace about it. Madrid more positive in this game.

>Carvalho skating on thin ice as he bangs into Messi, would have been a booking if he wasn't already booked.

>Ronaldo gets space in the Barcelona area but his attempt at a shoulder gets called hand ball by the ref, bit of a strange one that.

>Messi wit a typical run across the edge of the box and then shot brings a good save from Casillas

>Messi again. Beats Alonso but then drags his shot wide of the right hand post. Now Villa is saved by Casillas. Massive pressure building.

>Pedro after a great run by Villa puts his shot just wide of the left post with Casillas rooted to the spot.

>One way traffic! Messi again stings the hands of Casillas. Real Madrids only chance will be a quick break. Stunning football to watch.

>The game settles down again to steady Barca pressure. Real Madrid will be breathing a sigh of relief.

>How Carvalho is still on the pitch I have no idea. That's another shocking challenge on Messi.

>Half time. Barcelona 0 - 0 Real Madrid. Don't know how, Barcelona have dominated the first half.

>Real Madrid to get the second half under way, well as soon as they get the pitch invader off that is!

>Madrid have the ball in the net right at the start of the second half but it's disallowed, can't see where the free kick was there?

>Is that Kaka on the pitch? Wow didn't notice him at all in the first half. He blocks the clearance to keep Barcelona pinned in.

>Goal. Barcelona 1 - 0. Iniesta splits the defence and Pedro slots the ball past Casillas after a lovely first touch.

>Goal Real Madrid make it 1-1. Real Madrid pressure high up the pitch and the ball comes to Marcello from Di Maria and he blasts it in.

>Real Madrid have played a great pressing game tonight, just wonder if they can keep the energy levels up.

>Interesting stat that. For all Barcelona's slick passing they having actually RAN further than the Real Madrid players tonight.

>David Villa makes way for Keita. Real Madrid getting the ball forward at every opportunity, another 2 goals will do it.

>Marcello slides on the wet surface into Messi and the Nou Camp crowd bay for blood. Yellow card and the right decision by the ref.

>It's becoming the Lionel Messi show again. How he's keeping his feet on a sodden pitch is anybodys guess.

>Ronaldo collapses in another heap on the edge of the Barcelona penalty area but the freekick goes to the defending team.

>Nasty dislocation for Pique. It's back in, time to man up, stretch it out and play on...which he does. Good lad.

>Pedro becomes the first Barcelona player to get booked, deserved it to for the lunge which was late and high.

>Mascherano with ridiculous rolling around. He should be sent off for the reaction, nothing doing from the ref and he's up in 30 seconds.

>Adebayour gets booked for a foul on...yes you guessed it Messi. The slightest drag back sends Messi flying through the air.

>First sign of real frustration coming in for Madrid players. Alonso leaves his foot in but the ref has played this game very well.

>Puyol comes of for the few minutes of extra time to be played. Barcelona have this all sown up now. Abidal makes an appearance.

>Great reception for Abidal returning after his cancer problems. Just a few minutes left to play now. Why is Pedro rolling around?

>Pedro comes off as well (there is nothing wrong with him). Afellay will finish the game. Final whistle goes and Barcelona...

>reach the champions league final after beating Real Madrid 3-1 on aggregate. A much more dignified game than the first,. Real Madrid

>definitely played their part in this game and come away with plenty of respect after holding Barcelona 1-1 at the Nou Camp.


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