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BDO World Darts Championship - Live Streams

The BDO world darts championship began as an unified version of the world darts championship in 1978, this unification facilitated the development of a method by which the world's best competitors compete against one another, with the winner legitimately crowned the world champion. At the onset of this competition, this organization was the sole unifying organization. Due to a series of disputes within the organization and with outside entities, there was the formation of a another organization which held similar world championship titles. The formulation of the Professional Darts Corporation added a competitive organization to the world of darts championship facilitators, and added a degree of dispute as to who was actually the world champion, since both of these organizations crowned the winner of their world championship tournament, as the world champion dart thrower. The fact that both of these organizations held their tournaments very close together, added a measure of chaos to the dart throwing championship scene.

The BDO World Championship began its world championship tournaments in England, At the Heart of the Midlands nightclub in the English city of Nottingham. The organization did not hold all of its tournaments there, and later moved the location of its tournaments to the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, Surrey . The new location was very well suited for world championship activities, due to its spacious accommodations, which provided great access to the facility, and provide adequate space for the growing crowd of dart enthusiasts who attended the championship games.

There are many notable moments at these world championship games. In 1983 the BDO witnessed one of the greatest upsets in its competitive history. What makes this upset so notable, is the youth of the individual, and his ability to defeat seasoned veterans. A 22-year-old qualifier, named Keith Deller defeated the world's top three players in the 1983 BDO world championships. In 1990, an American player also made history during championship play. Paul Lim of the United States, was the only player to hit a perfect nine dart finish. Even though he did not win the tournament, this perfect finish earned him more money than the eventual champion.

In modern times the BDO World Championships has provided many world champions who have then gone on to compete in the rival PDC. Even if they don't win the BDO tournament a lot of the top players seem to eventually find their way into the PDC such as Mark Webster (BDO World Champion), Simon Whitlock and James Wade, just some of the recent examples. In terms of coverage the BDO doesn't seem to be as highly regarded as the PDC Championships although it is more accessible to most people. In the UK the BDO tournament is covered both online and offline by Channel 4 and BT Sport, the BBC giving up coverage in 2016. I think a lot of darts fans might agree that the quality of the coverage from the broadcasters sometimes surpases the quality of the darts although the 2017 tournament has got of to a storming start.

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