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Arsenal vs Tottenham - Live On The Internet

It's a real rare game this one, amongst what seems to be endless amounts of London derbies that play out as anything other than derby matches when Arsenal play Tottenham it really is a game that invloves passion. Arsenal and Spurs love beating each other and always have done. These are two teams that are renowned for playing attractive football, Spurs have always had that tradition and it's one that Arsenal have adopted under the influence of Arsene Wenger. When Arsenal and Spurs play you always get a good game of football but unlike so many other so called derby games you also get the niggling passion with the odd tackle flying in. In short it's right up there with the likes of Sunderland - Newcastle and Aston Villa - Birmingham in terms of passion and what it means to each set of supporters to secure the bragging rights.

In the 2009/2010 season both teams have exceeded expectations, Spurs sit in 5th place and are pressing hard to finish above Man City and secure Champions League football for next season. This would be a major acheivement for the club. Whilst they were doing even better in the earlier part of the season they form has remained good with only a few blips. A win in this match will surely secure Tottenham as not only a challenge to the top four but also possible challengers for the Premier League title over the next couple of years. Arsenal on the other hand seem to have put the disapointment of last season behind them and whilst Arsene Wengers "kids" can still look a little lightweight against some opposition the quality of the football they play speaks for itself. Currently 3rd in the table, 2 points behind Manchester United with a game in hand Arsenal are second favourites to take this years title. They may have to go some to overtake Chelsea but a win against arch rivals Spurs may just provide the boost to see them through the finish line. As a genuine derby game it's probably too hard to call, Spurs have home advantage but with both teams pushing for soo much at this point in the season it really could go either way. As mid week games go this is definitely one not be missed live.


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