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The internet isn't just for Facebook and porn, there are actually some useful things going on out there in cyberspace! One of the most useful for sports fans is the ability to watch live sports streams online. What started off as something for the serious techno nerds and all around geeks has become very much mainstream and it's something that vast numbers of people are doing week in and week out in order to watch more live football.

The Bookmakers

An ever growing number of online bookmakers have started to offer live streams of various sports including of course the ever popular football, including top matches from major European leagues. Whilst the rules vary from bookie to bookie (some require deposits and some may even require a bet placed on a particluar event to watch it) the result is the same, professional quality live streams of lots of sports events that you just wouldn't get to see any other way. Technically it's simple, no more complex than watching a Youtube video. An embedded video player is used to show the live sports streams and because of this it's possible to view in 99% of web browsers, the only problem may come from some Apple devices, why they insist in not supporting Flash is anybodys guess. The only other restriction to talk about is that some events are Geo Restricted depending on broadcaster rights in particular countries. But the bookmakers are still an excellent way of watching more live football than you'd otherwise ever get to see.

The Broadcasters

It took some time but they're finally starting to see the light, online is the perfect medium for opening up sport to more people and increasing viewing figures as well as revenue from advertising. Of course what is available very much varies country to country but the trend is still positive for sports fans, we are slowly seeing more sports appearing live online. In the UK the BBC in particular provides excellent live sports coverage online, the Formula 1 needs special mention. Vital practice sessions that were once only a 30 second pre-qualifying summary slot are now shown live online. You can also be sure that every football match that the BBC cover is shown live online as well, an invaluable service for when you're stuck in work or away from a TV. Sky even have their NowTV service (they just love showing Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal games!)which allows you to watch live Sky Sports action through your mobile device for a reduced subscription cost. It is still early days and there is still a long way to go but we are slowly getting there, surely it will only be a matter of time before we can watch ALL football matches live online?

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